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31 December 2011 @ 03:19 pm

For some reason all of the rollover images are not working. I'm trying to fix this until then however most goods posts will not have images. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please read all of this, even though there is alot...

Approximately : 245 Doujinshi.

Approximately : 17 Doujinshi Goods.

Approximately : 46 Doujinshi Binsen.

Approximately : 16 Doujinshi Postcards.

Approximately : 12 Doujinshi Bags.

Approximately : 20 Doujinshi Free Paper and Information Sheets.

Updated 03/04/12:
     Gorillaz - Pes
     Muse - mind circus
     Muse - Sly
     Durarara - yns
     D.Gray-man - Kurodanya
     Tiger & Bunny - Little Ones
     Sengoku Basara - Totto

Howzit? My name is THE Smidge and this is the temporary home for mine (myvxkirito) and my sister’s (gasara) doujinshi! This is kinda like one of those collection sites you see!

The doujinshi here are ALL boy love doujinshi in some form or another, and while there isn’t ever going to be anything explicit here I just thought I’d warn you.

I’ll try to update this as much as I can, but I can’t promise I will, I’m a bit useless when it come’s to things like that!

Firstly some rules, sorry…
1. You’re free to post comments here but only nice ones, if I read ANYTHING I don’t like I’ll disable comments. Sorry but this is my collection that I LOVE and it’s hurtful to read nasty things about it, as well as being really disrespectful to the artists.
2. Under no circumstances is anything from this site to be used anywhere else. If I find images or information from this LJ anywhere than I’ll take everything down.
3. There will be no full scans here, and more likely only small front and back scans. DON’T ASK BECAUSE I WON’T UPLOAD ANY.

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Ok then Enjoy!
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